Lokalise + Sketch: The main challenges when designing for a global audience
70 minutes
Localization is more than translation. Colors, symbols, and the overall visual aesthetics and functionality of the design must be adapted to each market, let alone cultures, separately. However, for decades, design and localization have been at opposite ends of the product development process. This has inevitably led to broken designs, UX bugs, delays in releases and friction between teams.

So we brought together Alex Pereverzevs, Product Lead at Lokalise and Kevin Smith, Senior Visual UX Designer & Sketch Advocate (USA) to explore how to effectively overcome the biggest hurdles when designing global products and how to start localization at the design stage. 

What we’ll cover:
  • What design-stage localization is
  • Kevin's experience designing localized products for a global audience
  • The top 5 biggest localization challenges for designers
  • How to implement design-stage localization at your organization
  • Ask questions and get answers from the experts

Kevin Smith
Visual UX Designer Sketch Advocate: USA
Alex Pereverzevs
Product lead at Lokalise