Support-led growth
We've recruited a team of inspiring support leaders from Intercom, Plum, and to give you actionable strategies to turn customer service into a sustainable growth engine.

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What's inside?

The old vs new way of support

Companies who view support as a profit center generate 3.5x more revenue growth. The problem? Only 1 on 5 organizations fully view support as a profit center. Learn the new definition of customer support so you can use it to drive growth.

The business case for support-driven growth

Your company understands the importance of using sophisticated, data-driven software to maximize efficiency. Yet they don’t have the same standards when it comes to managing customer operations. You need a business case to get buy-in. We’ll provide you one.

How to get started with support-driven growth

We’ll show you what makes a world class support team, how support fits into global go-to-market strategy, and help you build out your vision, language and technology strategy.

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