The 9 biggest localization issues developers face and how to solve them
40 minutes
What type of development process does your company follow? Waterfall, agile, a combination? What level of localization integration exists? 

As a developer that relies on continuous integration/deployment to any degree, you want to incorporate localization into your integrated tech stack. The most effective relationship between localization and development requires advanced integration and the maximum level of automation possible. 

Join Ilya Bodrov, Head of Content and Documentation at Lokalise, web developer, and ex-Microsoft/Cisco specialist, and discover how to integrate, automate, and speed up your localization workflow with 

You'll learn how to:
  1. Find and merge duplicate keys (used on different platforms like Android and iOS)
  2. Exchange translations between TMS and Github/Bitbucket
  3. Stop translators from altering placeholders
  4. Avoid doing manual and repetitive tasks (such as uploading and downloading new translations)
  5. Provide better context for translators 
  6. Properly download and separate translations by files
  7. Avoid common UI translation bugs

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski
Head of Content and Documentation