Lokalise Live Demo: Automations
Every month, we talk you through a Lokalise feature and share the best tips and tricks for using it. Learn how Lokalise can empower you to automate localization workflows and become your one-stop shop for translating websites, mobile apps, web apps, and more.

This month, we will be exploring Automations, which enables you to define rules to trigger translations, status changes, and other actions with just a few clicks.

Join our Customer Success Manager, Jacob Wheeler, for an in-depth 30-minute live demonstration of Automations, and see how you can:
  • Eliminate manual status updates
  • Speed up workflows
  • Save translation budget by automating rules to take full advantage of translation memory and machine translation
  • Preview and adapt pre-translated designs instantly

Why attend?
  • Get your questions & doubts answered by an expert.
  • See step-by-step how to set up automations.
  • Uncover the use cases in which automations can bring more impact to your business case

Jacob Wheeler
Customer Success Manager at Lokalise