Solving localization challenges for fintech companies
Discover how to successfully overcome common localization challenges that fintech companies face. Learn how to grow globally from experts at Google, Western Union,, TransferGo, Remitly, Revolut, and more.
What is the importance of localization for fintech companies?

Finance has evolved from a bank or insurance office in your town to apps that have the potential to grow internationally. In the US, 80% of the top 20 finance iOS apps are at least bilingual. This alone indicates that, for fintech companies looking to grow their international user base, providing customers with access to services in their native language is the bare minimum. Plus, localization is not just a matter of improving customer experience, but a crucial element in ensuring the company is doing business in accordance with the law.

What are the localization challenges covered in the ebook?

From issues regarding regulatory compliance and finding language service providers (LSPs) with industry knowledge to optimizing costs while ensuring the highest level of security and an efficient QA process – we cover quite a bit. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to build trust with global customers, maintain a consistent brand voice across different markets, and adapt to financial customer needs that vary from country to country.

Why should I download this ebook?

We conducted extensive research to bring you exclusive insights. In the research phase, we spoke with 30+ experts to better understand localization challenges in fintech and summarize the best practices for overcoming them. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource that will help you rethink your current localization process, learn from other fintech professionals, and discover new resources. If you want to speed up your localization process while preserving accuracy and consistency, optimize costs, and ensure security compliance in a simple way – then this ebook is for you.
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