Lokalise + Figma: How to plug localization into your overall content ecosystem

11 AM EST | 5 PM CET
We often design teams working on localization what their biggest challenges are. There’s one pain point that pops up frequently: integrating UX design and localization to ease collaboration.

The solution? Connect Figma with Lokalise to create a bridge between designers and developers so that they can work on the localization process in tandem.

You'll learn:
  1. How to embed localization into the product development process and create fully localized prototypes
  2. How to resolve bugs in the design stage (10x more cost-effective than making adjustments after release)
  3. Ensure translation quality before a single line of code is written

Alexander Pereverzevs
Product lead at Lokalise
Alex is Head of Customer Success at Lokalise, a tech enthusiast, and co-founder of an amateur football league. He has helped many customers improve their localization workflows and is a true Lokalise product guru.